Sunday, September 27, 2009

Labor Day BBQ

Grandma Mary and Mom
Shorts on his head :)
Polly jumped in the pool
Shannon and Aunt Susan Doug
Mom and Gandpa Ves

My mom came down labor day weekend. It was nice having her here an extra day. We had a BBQ and Doug and Aunt Susan's house, it was so good! We had fun hanging out with everyone.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


He's out! I'm a mean mom I was watching him doze off but let him because it would be a cute pic :)

Jestin's Birthday

Wake up Grandpa!

Wearing Dad's shirt
Jestin's birthday was on the 1st (I'm a little behind). We had a fun low key day. He found a cheap xbox 360 on craigslist so he's excited. Lori, Kevin, Shannon, Nick and Kodi came over for pizza, cake and xbox.

Fun Day

This is from one of our days in Overton. Blayke has fun with his grandparents out there.

Blayke & Kodi

We went to Nick and Shannon's a few weeks ago for the fight. we had a fun day scrapbooking, the boys played xbox and then we watched the UFC fights. Blayke loves hanging out with Kodi!


Shaun, JaLee, Jordyn and Kayson came over the other day. The kids had fun playing. Blayke gets so excited to see them.

Uh Oh