Sunday, August 23, 2009


My cousin Brianna's baby Haiden!
Holding hands, how sweet
They were tired of pictures :) It's mean to take a picture of them crying but they looked so cute!
I caught the end of Haiden smiling, so sweet! Blayke kept touching his face.Aunt Tana did a little photo shoot with Blayke and the cute stuff in her house

We bribed him with an oreo
I FINALLY got to see Brianna's baby Haiden! Two months flew by and I kept saying I'm going to go visit them. We've been so busy that it took me a while to get there. I'm pathetic, they only live in Henderson. He is such a cute baby and is so good. Brianna is such a good mommy. Can't wait to see them again!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nice Ride

We went to Aunt Tana and Uncle Kim's house last week. They have lots of cool toys. Blayke loved playing in the Escalade.

It even has a radio! I turned it off and he was trying to turn it back on.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday * Virginia City

This guy was walking down the street cracking a horse whip.
This is us and our friend Nicole, she works with my mom. She is a blast and knows all the cool places in Reno. Blayke loves her!
Mom got us tickets for this tour on a train, it was so neat!

These guys did a little skit about robbing the train, it was cute

The train went through a tunnel, it was pitch dark.
We had pizza in a little bar and they had a guy singing.

See what I mean??

On Sunday we went to a little historic town called Virginia City. The drive up has 67 turns. It is a very windey road. It was such a cool town. It has a bunch of little antique shops.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Saturday * Ultimate Rush

I love this orange!
Jestin loves this camaro, it has a lot of same stuff that he wants for his camaro
HaHa he tried on this awesome hat

This is a 68 firebird almost like Jestin's old one
This was stinkin funny, we were walking to the car and grandma joked saying the stroller is my ride. I talked her into to sitting in the stroller but she only stayed for a second. People walking by were laughing too.

Jestin rode the Ultimate Rush, He didn't scream but I did :) I seriously thought about riding it, but $25 to scare the crap out of myself, umm no.

On Saturday we went to the Grand Sierra and checked out some cars. Then Jeff BBQd steaks for us, yummy. After we ate we met Dad, Caroline and Grandma T at the Grand Sierra again for the cruise. That cruise was awesome because they were doing burnouts and stuff.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friday Night * Sparks Cruise

My Dad, Caroline and Grandma Talbot drove up on Thursday and stayed in Carson City. We met them on Friday night at the Cruise in downtown Sparks. This was my mom, Jestin and my third time going that week. It was so much fun. Friday night was better because there was a lot more cars. They have vendors and cars parked all along the side. There is a guy that dances in the middle of the road. He is hilarious. I was so excited they came so we could show them around a little.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Blayke got this airplane for his birthday and loves it. He pushes it all over the place. It has little spots on the side where he can put the shapes in and he can almost do it. He knows which shape goes where, he just can't figure out how to turn it to get it in. Its amazing how quick they figure things out.
The weather is so nice here. Last night we just hung out on the patio enjoying the cool air. Missy had her paw on Blayke's leg and for a while he was patting her back, it was so cute.

We are having so much fun in Reno. Here are a few pictures of the cars. We have been going to car shows everyday and last night we went to a cruise in Sparks. They block off the road and let the cars cruise up and down. Today we got to visit with Aunt Ronda, Danila and the kids. We had a fun day and yummy ice cream :)