Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day at the Pool

After about an hour in the pool he was pooped, he laid his head on my chest and fell asleep. Still holding the temperature gauge :)

He took a 3 hour nap in the floatie!

Back in the pool afer his nap

Last weekend we hung out at the pool with Nick, Shannon, Kodi, Amy, Hailey and Shelby. This was Blayke's first time in a pool, he cried at first because it was a little cold, but once he got used to it he loved it! These pictures are from my phone so they are not that great.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mothers Day Pics

Miss Kodi & Blayke

Grammy & Blaykemeister (as she calls him :) )


Sweet Jordie

He is so dang cute

I am slowly getting caught up posting pictures. Mothers day was very nice. My mom & Jeff were in town, so we all had a bbq at Grandpa Ves & Grandma Mary's house. We played wii, ate, visited and the kids played in Blayke's little pool. Shaun & JaLee surprised my mom and showed up, she was so excited. It was a fun day. I love being a mom! I love my mom she is my best friend, my step mom, mother-inlaw and Grandmas, they are all awesome! I don't know what I would do without all my moms.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blayke likes to sit with Done'e while she gets ready and get into all of her stuff. Its so cute. When she blowdries her hair she puts it on cold and blows his face a little, he cracks up. Now everytime I blowdry my hair he gets all excited. When I put my makeup on he likes to take everything out of my bag. Its lots of fun :) That is my fault. Before he could crawl I would give him an eyeshadow container or something to entertain him, now its a pain trying to put everything back. I love having a blog to keep track of all the cute little things Blayke does.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm so excited, Haylee finally has a marker! Sounds crazy to get excited over something like that but its been almost two years since she passed. Haylee is buried on top of my Grandpa Talbot and poor guy has pink flowers on his grave :) I'm sure he doesnt mind. The cemetary people must have forgot hers and I didn't want to say anything. My sister told Aunt Arlene (she is on the cemetary board) so she talked to the guy that orders them and got one for our little angel. Thank you so much Aunt Arlene! I also have a picture of the cute lamp that Grandpa & Grandma Waters gave us for Haylee. Its solar and lights up at night. Its so neat. They have changed policies at the cemetary and we can no longer put a headstone behind Grandpa & Grandma's for mowing purposes. So Grandma is letting us put Haylee's info on the back of theirs. Thank you Grams! I have talked to the guy that engraves on the stones and as soon as we get it done I will post a picture.

9 Months

Blayke playing hide and seek with Grandma Talbot. He would try to crawl so fast away from her that he would fall on his belly and crack up.

Blayke is 9 months old, so crazy. He is growing so fast lately and doing so much more. He is crawling all over the place. We were wondering if he was going to walk before he crawled. He crawled backwards first. He went forwards on Easter day and is now all over. He goes way fast when we wants to get to something or if we are chasing him. He is pulling himself up on anything he can think of, even tries to push himself up on stuff that is flat, like his books :) Everywhere we go he just stares at people smiling until he gets their attention and then he claps or laughs at them. I went to breakfast last week with Done'e and Grandma Talbot, we were sat in the middle of the room. He took turns with every table around us getting their attention and then would smile, talk or laugh at them. One of the tables took too long to look at him so he yelled at them. It was funny. If we are laughing at something, he waits till we stop and then fake laughs. He has his two bottom teeth and one of his top is just poking through. He is such a happy baby, we are so lucky. We love you Blayke!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Aunt Done'e

Mom, Grandma Mary, Blayke & I went and visited Done'e at work a couple weeks ago. She works as a lead at Vision Airlines. She is a hard worker. She does a really good job. We live together and Blayke LOVES her! He gets so excited when she gets home. She helps me with him sometimes and it is so nice. She is such a sweet person and we love her to death!


Ready to go!

Our Family

Talbot Family

Mom being a dork! She's so cute.

It took a couple stops to find a good spot to roll eggs

Shaun making a ramp for the eggs

Now messing up the ramp because it stopped the eggs from rolling down the hill:)

Jordyn wore me out running up and down this little hill with her

I love this picture. They look so cute and I got Blayke throwing sand.

Jordyn set her little dog on the rhino tire while she was playing. Too cute

Playing in the sand

Jordyn & Grammy

On Easter day we went with Shaun, JaLee & the kids and mom to roll eggs. I had never heard of it, it is a tradition in JaLee's family. It was a lot of fun. They took the jeep out and we drove their rhino. Sad we couldn't drive our own rhino, hopefully it gets fixed soon. We had a blast! They were ahead of us and could hear Blayke screaming, he was so excited. He loved riding in the rhino. The kids had fun playing in the sand. Shaun was doing donuts in the jeep, and of course mom was screaming, Jordyn told her "Grammy hush!" They are so funny. Their kids are pros in the rhino and jeep. Even Belle is a pro, she rode with us on the backseat of the rhino. It was so nice to hang out with my mom, Shaun, JaLee the kids.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Jordyn wanted me to take pictures of her so she could see them. She kept making crazy faces. She cracks me up.


Grandma Talbot and Blayke

Jordyn and Blayke

I am so behind on blogging. I have been so busy lately, it seems like I have been running nonstop. These pictures are from March 18th. Blayke and I went and hung out with Grandma, Jordyn and Kayson. Blayke had so much fun playing with the kids. Its fun seeing him play with his cousins. He loves them.