Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleepy Boy

Blayke has been fighting sleep so bad. He arches his back, kicks and even hits himself in the face. Last week I was visiting Aunt Tana and Brianna, Aunt Tana was playing with him and he just laid his head on her chest and went to sleep. I was shocked. Two days later, Nick was holding him and he did the same thing, but no... never for his mom.....Today I was eating lunch and holding him and he just went to sleep. Just like that! No rocking, no crying, just went to sleep. It made my day!


I took Blayke to the Aliante park for the first time last week. We looked at the ducks, then
went in the play area and watched the kids play. He was so excited, almost bounced out of my arms. Then we just hung out in the grass. He kept feeling the grass, he was amazed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Reno Pics :)

I know he doesn't have much hair but I was excited that I could get it to do a little mohawk :)

I know its mean, but I think his pouty face is so cute. I promise Jeff didn't make him cry :) He was getting tired and I wanted to take pictures.

Blayke had fun with Grandpa Jeff. He is awesome at getting Blayke to sleep, he fights it so bad.

Messy Boy! I was trying to feed Blayke and he wanted to play. He would look away when I would put the spoon to his mouth so it ended up everywhere, including his forehead.

We went and visited Grammy for her lunch breaks. Blayke is popular at her work.

First Airplane Ride

Blayke & I went to Reno last week. My mom was in town for Jordyn's birthday, so we flew home with her on Sunday and came home on Valentine's day. Jestin's work sent him to Elko for a week, so I got to visit my mom for a week. It was so nice, every other time I have gone to Reno, I am only there for a weekend and am driving for 2 of the days. So I really only get one day to visit. This was Blayke's first plane ride. It was a little hectic getting through the airport with our suitcase, carseat, stroller and diaperbag. I checked the suitcase and carseat, but just getting to the ticket counter was hard. Then when we went through security, I had to take mine and Blayke's shoes off, fold the stroller up and send it on the belt with the diaper bag. Blayke did really good on the plane. At first he just looked out and hit the window, then he just played with his toys and fell asleep the last 20 minutes of the flight. When we got off the plane, the pilot was standing there and my mom wanted to get a picture of Blayke at the entrance of the plane, she told him that this was Blayke's first flight so he told us to go take a picture in the cockpit. That was really cool.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

6 Month Pictures

We got Blayke's 6 month pictures taken a week ago. I got a kiddie kandids gift card from The Frei girls and Grandma Talbot for my baby shower, I was so excited. I waited for his 6 months pics so he would be able to do more fun things. I wish now that I would have gotten his other pictures taken there too because it was so nice. They did a good job and I got the pictures in 10 minutes. I tried to get Blayke to take a nap before we went and of course he wouldn't. He did really good for the most part, he started to get crabby towards the end. Luckily the bathtub pose was the last one because he loves to be naked. He was fussing and the minute we took off his clothes he was happy.......UNTIL we put them back on. My mom and Grandma Mary went with me and it was nice to have help, we had fun. Thank you so much Grandma Talbot, Aunt Beva, Traci, Nicole, Lindsay and Staci! They turned out so cute!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Boys

Jestin & Blayke took a nap today. Then woke up and played. It was so cute. I love watching them.

Choo Choo

Blayke held on with his chest :)

Colt is checking the tires for his passenger


Jestin was pushing Blayke on Colt's little train the other night. Colt wanted to push him too. I was a little nervous at first but Blayke hung on good. They went back & forth a million times. They had so much fun. It was so cute.