Saturday, July 30, 2011

March-Blayke's room

Our helper! needs a haircut lol
Bed Head!!

Blayke's work

Notice the green boots? They were the only waterproof shoes I could find to go sledding and he wanted to wear them EVERYWHERE. They are heavy and dorky so I tried to hide them but he always finds them!
We got the first coat all done and Blayke added his art lol..I would have left it if we had done the 2nd coat..but the wonderful peach color still showed thru.

My first time making curtains!! I know they are simple but I'm excited! My Grandma has been an awesome teacher!

We got new flooring in the house in April, so we decided to paint Blayke's room before hand. We let Blayke pick out the blue and it turned out perfect, the other walls are a brown-grey. It was a lot of work but nothing compared to the whole house I did by myself (while Jestin was at work) after the flooring was replaced. It turned out pretty cute and he is so excited! It has been a couple months and still almost daily Blayke takes me in his room to show me his "cool blue wall".

Friday, July 29, 2011


Grandpa not feeling good and still working, Jestin will tell you working with Grandpa on cars or in the yard, or whatever it was are his best memories.

Aww Blayke loves him
Clutch, aka watch dog
We normally go out to Overton a lot but when Grandpa Waters got really sick we started going out every week on Jestin's days off to spend time with him. It was so hard seeing him sick, he is one of the best and strongest men I know. We are so lucky to have had him so close and such a big part of our lives.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

March-Uncle Deryck

Blayke loves to race! We race almost everyday lol good exercise for me

Blayke loves it when Uncle Dee and Aunt Brittany come to his house. We always end up outside and Deryck kicks balls and races with him. He has a blast!

Monday, July 11, 2011

February-after the walk

Hanging out at Grandma Talbot's
Aww Grandma looks so pretty
lol Grandma Lori did this and he's going to kill me when hes older for taking a pic
Having a blast with balloons!!
What kind of face is that lol

So sweet
He's a dork!! lol
Aww Grandpa would always smile for me, we miss him terribly

We went out to Overton to visit after the walk. We did our usual hung out at Papa Ronnie's and went and saw Grandma Talbot. It was a nice day..and I got a few good pics

Friday, July 8, 2011

Walk With the Heart of a Child

Colt slept over the night before
This is how they are the majority of the time, Thank you grandma for listening to me :)
There we go! Aunt Susan, Grandma Sharon, Grandma Mary, Mom and Aunt Kelly.

My Boy

Best Buds

Nick hiding to scare us lol (behind the pole)

They had so much fun with there swords, Blayke's first one popped right away so Aunt Cole went and got him a new one. She's awesome!

Nick and Kelly, love them!!

All of us

Jace, Nicole & Colt

Aunt Cait, Colt and Nicole, You can't tell they are sisters!
Kash in his RED shirt

The boys with Aunt Kelly

On February 26 we all did the Childrens Heart Walk.. I know I am way behind but it was a lot of fun and we all don't get together that often so I had to post the pictures. We have 2 heart kids in our family, Kash and Jace but Jace wouldn't wear his red shirt! Blayke and Colt had a sleepover the night before so we didn't get much sleep and had to wake up nice and early! The walk was a lot of fun, hanging out with everyone. They had a Tim Mcgraw wannabe lol impersonater, cheerleaders, drum guys, balloons, face painting..We all went to Ihop afterwards for breakfast and poor Aunt Susan and Shannon didnt hear us when we decided on a different Ihop so they had a little detour.