Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding Pictures


Our Family

My boys are so handsome

Jace & Nicole

Uncle Brad, Aunt Jolene, Grandma & Grandpa Waters

Grandma Lori & Blayke

The Qualls Family minus new baby Jacob!!

Tucker, Tyrel and Cole

Jestin (dork), Lori and Kevin

Grandma & Grandpa Laycock

Yay!! I got a great picture of Grandma Waters

The newlyweds first dance

Deryck & Brittany got married on November 15th. It was beautiful and a lot of fun. My boys looked so handsome. Blayke did so good. He took a long nap before the ceremony so he was happy most of the night. Everything has been so crazy I haven't had a chance to post pictures. Congrats Dee & Brittany!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last Week

Here are some pics from last week. MaKaylee and Blayke
Blayke is grabbing things now. He got his dad's lip :)
Grandpa Kevin & Grandma Lori got him a tux for the wedding

Blayke and Shannon

Thank you Shan for FINALLY letting me take a picture of you! I have a ton of pictures from Deryck & Brittany's wedding that I will post soon. I just have to decide which ones :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Recent Pics

I can never decide which pose to post
Playing with Dad and Grandpa Kevin

Playing with Grandma Lori

This is the best picture I could get of Grandma Waters, she will not let me take one of her :)

Hanging out with Grandpa

My blue eyed boy!

Life has been crazy. We have been moving this last week. I am so sad to go. But I am looking forward to a new chapter in our lives! We can't decide if we are going to stay in vegas or move back out to the valley. Jestin's work is moving to St. Rose Parkway on the 21st so it will be a long drive for him. Anyways, I feel so lucky that I have been able to stay home with Blayke. I never thought I would be able to. I got laid off in April, I was 7 months pregnant. We were looking for daycare trying to decide what to do and that made our decision. Life has changed, but it is so worth it. I love every minute of being a mom.

I added a picture of Haylee's ceramic handprints and footprints. I took it with Blayke's hand so you can see how small she was. She is our little angel. She was with us for a short time but changed us forever. We appreciate and cherish Blayke so much and she brought our families closer. We miss and love her so much. It was so hard to say goodbye. I wish I could hold her one more time. I can not wait till I see her again. I'm so lucky to be the mother of a perfect little girl.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blayke's 1st Halloween!


Blayke & Colt

Colt & Jace

Caitlyn, Colt & Nicole

Ryan, Colt, Madison, Gabby, Kodi & Blayke

Ryan & Caitlyn's House
We went over to Ryan & Caitlyn's (Nicole's sister) house and hung out for a while. Their neighborhood decorates their houses really cool and they have a ton of trick-or-treaters. It was a lot of fun. Blayke was a Moo Cow and Colt was a football player for the "Colt's". Then we went over to Aunt Debbie and Uncle John's. It was so cute to see all the kids in their costumes. We missed Jordyn & Kayson, they are out at Dumont. Jordyn was Tinkerbell and Kayson was a Dalmatian. Blayke just stared at all the kids trick-or-treating, he had so much to look at. We had a fun night!