Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Park with Blayke's Buddies 11/17/10

I love this picture, Blayke loves cats
and this one hangs around the park.

Torrey and I take the boys to the park as often as we can. The boys have a blast and we get to visit....sometimes :) Blayke gets so excited to play with Ethan and Evan and loves giving Kaelyn kisses.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family Pictures

Us :)
I love him :)
My handsome little man

I could just eat him up!
My boys
Kevin and Lori
Deryck and Brittany
I love Blayke's face in this one
We got family pictures taken in October, Monica Dominguez (http://www.monicadphotography.blogspot.com/) took them and of course they are all awesome but here are just a few :)

I am so behind on blogging, I will catch up. I have really been slacking on taking pictures so theres not much to catch up on :( I will be better :)