Wednesday, September 14, 2011

May-Aunt Nikki

Aunt Nikki and her friend Robyn came to visit the first week in May, they stayed in a timeshare near the airport so we got to swim. Blayke could see the runway from the window, he watched the planes every chance he got He was pooped after swimming all day, he fell asleep on the chair
Dad was working the first day she was here so we stopped and saw him on our way home, Blayke was so excited he thinks its so cool that dad works with planes!
Robyn and Nikki

This is what we did a majority of the time it was so nice!

Jestin was off the rest of the time she was here so he kept Blayke, I would drop Mari off then pick the girls up and go to breakfast. Jestin brought Blayke over to swim and he just loved it.

We came over to our house for a bit and of course she played TRAINS! Blayke had a blast

We had a hard time getting him to look for a picture, he is not very cooperative these days
Silly faces
lol he does have stinky feet and he thinks its hilarious

My buddy, I have known Nicole now for 9 years and she is a great friend to me. She moved back home to Pennsylvania 7 years ago. Even though we only get to see eachother once a year or so we always have a blast. I SO wish we lived close, she is hilarious and I can totally be myself and we have fun. Blayke just adores her and keeps asking where she is. She is so good to me, I am so glad we moved next door to eachother and then became roomates. Thanks for coming to see us Nikki! It was a much needed girls weekend!