Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monster Truck Show

Nicole and Colt invited Blayke and I to the Monster Truck Show on Satuday. We had so much fun!
Eating Popcorn waiting for the show to start

They didn't take their eyes off the trucks
Thank goodness for the ear plugs!
Colt's Aunt Cait got him a cool grave digger hat! It came with cotton candy and the boys didn't like it, Blayke was pulling it out of his mouth like it was a hair. lol
lol I love this picture

I love this face!

He was cracking up
Grave Digger!
Finale....so we thought :)
They were pooped!

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Wagon

Blayke and I are SOOOO excited! We got him a wagon! Lol I'm as excited as he is. Blayke, Done'e and I saw it at costco and he went crazy over it. I got home and started trying to talk Jestin into it, he thought Blayke wouldn't really have much fun with it. When we got to Costco and he saw how Blayke got so excited when he saw the wagon, there was no turning back :) He just hangs out when I pull him around. He loves it!