Sunday, December 5, 2010


Our little puppy
Miss Kodi
Aunt Susan & Kash
CJ & Blayke
He loves Mari's decorations

How cute!

On Halloween we went and visited family, then went trick or treating with Nick and Shannon and their neighbors. We only went around some of their neighborhood and Blayke got a ton of candy! I thought he would be shy trick or treating but he loved it! If no one answered the door at the houses all the kids would go on and he would be standing there. He wouldn't leave I had to go get him lol. He was such a cute St. Bearnard! He loved Halloween, there was a house in our neighborhood that had a skeleton on the wall that we had to drive by all the time because Blayke was obsessed with it. He still keeps asking me where the Monster is lol.

The Farm

Shannon and I took the kids to "The Farm" in October. They had lots of animals the kids could pet. Blayke has road horses many times but he loved riding the pony with Kodi. It was a really cute place and free to get in so that's even better.

Pumpkin Fun!

The Jones were so nice to have us over to carve pumpkins. We had such a fun day, we love hanging out with them. Blayke loves playing with Ethan and Evan and gets so excited. He loves playing with their train. He loves Kaelyn and is always asking me where she is. Torrey let the boys help her make cookies and they loved it.

Fall Festival

Our buddies/cousins

Shannon and I took the kids to Kodi's school Fall Festival again this year. They guys stayed home and watched a movie, the bums lol. It was so much fun! Blayke was actually able to play the games this year and he loved it. I figured he would be shy but I was wrong. Kodi is so cute with him and totally watches out for him. The big kids would try to go in front of Blayke and she would make them wait, he finally got tired of it and told this kid off. It was hilarious.