Monday, July 26, 2010

Blayke is 2!!

I can not believe my baby is 2! I know everyone always says that but I didn't understand until became a mom how true it is. It goes by soo fast. I wish I could explain how happy July 24, 2008 was for us. After going through the pain of losing our Haylee and how hard it was to leave the hospital without our baby, we were so scared.. Its like we held our breath the whole pregnancy with Blayke, we were so excited but so scared. Being a mom is better than I could ever explain. I love my kids sooo much. Blayke really is a good boy, he definately throws fits and tests the water but he is so loving and sweet. He is hilarious, he is talking so much but I can not imagine what he is going to be like in a year, he is such a tease and so crazy. Every night after I give him a bath, I wrap him in his towel and we make faces in the mirror. Then its a game and I chase him all over the bed trying to put his pjs on and he just cracks up. I never get tired of it, its hilarious. I have sang twinkle twinkle little star to him since he was born, it still calms him down and he sings it with me now :) He loves all of his grandparents so much, and his best buddy is Colt. Those two are just best friends. I love watching them together, when they see eachother they just scream, run and hug. They never get tired of eachother and the minute there not together their asking for eachother. Blayke says, mom where's colk? Thats the main question I hear all day, add Dada, Nine(Aunt Done'e), Mitmey (Aunt Brittany),Dee (Uncle Deryck), Cole (Aunt Nicole), Papa(many grandpa's), Maama(many grandmas) and so on, I love it! It's so cute. He knows almost all the colors, he loves to sing and dance, play in the dirt, trucks, books, animals, and eat! Especially M&Ms but he will seriously eat anything. He loves Great Grandma Talbot's mints in her purse and Great Grandma Mary's at her house. I ask him if I'm his buddy, he says no Colk is.. but he does say that he's my boy :) I am a very lucky mom. Blayke I love you so much Bubba, thanks for being the best boy ever.
Monica ( took Blayke's 2 year old pictures and designed his invitation for me. They turned out oh so cute.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Water Slide


My mom's face is priceless
Grammie and Blayke
Poor Tiffers

We got a water slide for Blayke's birthday....early :) We have had so much fun and it's been nice to cool off a little.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Pics

I'm so behind on posting. Monica Dominguez ( took our pictures for us in May. We had a lot of fun and the pictures turned out so good. I am so excited.