Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blayke's Birthday

Blayke helped me make cupcakes
He loved it!
Aunt Done'e and Blayke
Papa Jeff came over to bring Blayke a card and some money for his birthday, its pretty sad when my 2 yr old knows what money is. They had fun playing with Papa.

Aunt Cole and Colk
Us :) Not such a good pic but its all I got :)
We got there just in time to see the diver feed the stingrays
Watching the fish, they lay on their bellys all the time, its so cute
Opening Toy Story presents from Papa Kevin and Grandma Lori

For Blayke's birthday we took him and Colt to see free stuff on the strip :) We went to the circus circus, the lions at MGM and the Fish at the Silverton. We got home and Grandpa Kevin, Grandma Lori, Uncle Deryck and Aunt Brittany came over. Blayke opened presents, the boys danced and Uncle Dee had fun in the tunnel! It was a fun day!