Monday, August 29, 2011


Nicole, Aunt Cait, Grammie and I took the boys to see the Easter Bunny on April 16th.. Blayke was a little freaked out but he liked him and talked about him for months.

Jestin works late so we waited until Easter morning to color and hunt eggs with him. It was so fun this year because he could do it and was so excited

Colored bubbles!! they stain and are not so cool lol

Messes are totally fun and I really like them too but Blayke didn't like it all over his hands and shoes. We haven't used the gun since lol

After dad went to work Blayke & I went with Jace & Nicole to Nicole's family's house for a bbq. The food was awesome! Grandma Scherr had gotten the boys easter baskets with 4wheelers in them, oh they loved them!

Jace, Colt, Blayke and Ryan

Blayke was pooped, he came home and fell asleep with his hand in the candy haha

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