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Sid and Karma Hysell are my adopted grandparents. Growing up my Grandpa and Grandma Talbot managed an RV park in Overton. I spent a lot of the time at their house, especially living with them when I was 14. As long as I can remember Sid and Karma lived across the street from them. I am so lucky to have them in my life, they are wonderful people and were so good to me. I would always go over and visit with them for hours until Grandma came looking for me telling me I will wear out my welcome haha. I love Sid's stories and cowboy poems and Karma's sweetness.
Sid made me a dream catcher that I will always treasure. He always rode his bike around the park and I loved seeing his smiling face coming around the corner, I went with him several times. I worked at McDonalds in highschool and every morning Sid would come with a few other guys for their senior coffees. I loved seeing his face and listening to them go back and forth teasing eachother. When I worked in escrow Sid and Karma came in to Vegas and they treated their neice and I to lunch at the buffet. It was a lot of fun, we walked thru the casino arm and arm, Kristy on one side of Sid and me on the other. We laughed thinking about what people were saying. We talked about that lunch for years. Blayke love them and they love him. Sid always told me when I would visit that is a good lookin boy and sure love him. They bought him his first cowboy boots. Blayke loved them and wore them all the time. I cant wait when he is older to show him his boots and tell him about Sid. Sid passed away on March 30th this year. He had been so sick and Karma would take him to St. George every other Tuesday for blood transfusions. It was so hard to see him so sick but so hard to see him go. I'm so glad he is not suffering and I know he is watching over Karma and will hopefully visit us here and there. I miss him so much. I love him and Karma so much and can't wait for winter so Karma will be back in Overton.

Sid's funeral was in his hometown Evanston, WY. Every summer when he would go home he always said he wanted me to go home with him and (before I met Jestin :)) and he would find me a "whiskey drinking, cigar smoking cowboy". Haha I always thought I would marry a cowboy and married the farthest thing from it but I am a lucky girl. I never did go home with them but I really wanted to go to his funeral. My grandma and sister wanted to go to so we went! It worked out perfect, the weather was good for us and it was Jestin's days off so I left Blayke home (my first night away from him). We drove up Tuesday morning, stayed the night, went to the funeral and drove home afterwards.

We got there early enough we were able to meet my Grandma's friend that lives in Evanston, Shirley. Done'e and I hadn't seen her since we were little and my Grandma hadn't seen her in a long time. My Grandma has a lot of friends, she is a popular chic, especially because she managed the park for 20+ years. I have never seen her like she was with Shirley. It was the coolest/cutest thing to see them visit and giggle. It was a fun dinner and Shirley went with us to the viewing afterwards. Evantston is a small town like Overton, so Shirley of course knew Sid. We drove around Evanston afterwards because I wanted to see Sid's town, it was so neat after hearing Sid and Karma's stories for all these years to see it.

Oh I just love this picture, they were like highschool girls, so cute

Finally got them to look without getting distracted, and one they both liked

This was hard to get too, three women to all be ok with how they look

We started making goofy faces and got giggling, it was a long day, got up early and drove 7 hours

This is one of many, that I won't post haha

Oh Grandma, she is crazy, but what I want to know is why when she managed the pool we weren't aloud to touch the floatie but she can play with this one?

We..oh wait I got in the hottub, they didn't bring their suits so they put their feet in

It was so weird to be in the hottub when it was snowing outside

Oh Grandma would die if she knew I posted this, it says Beer is good! My grandma that has probably never even tasted it. Her beer is her pepsi!

Ya what is this!!! Luckily I had been on the phone with my friend Nicole who lives in PA when she was using her debit card to scrape the windshield, because I wouldn't have know what to do with this! I had to pull on my trunk for a minute because it was stuck frozen shut! I was scared driving in it, the 1 mile I had to!

We went to to the funeral after we got the snow off and it was a hilarious listening to the stories of Sid, as well as the great things he did in his lifetime. I was so lucky to have known him, especially to be his adopted granddaughter.

On the again! Of course we had to stop and get a drink at McDonalds, Done'e and I told Grams a tad loud they do not sell beer at McDonalds and she turned right around and almost ran out haha. We tease her but don't worry she gets us too. This was a beautiful water fall in Provo canyon, it looked better in person.

I love my gorgeous sister!
Grandma really got a kick out of the crazy faces pictures and kept wanting to do

I am so glad we got to go on this trip. I'm so glad I got to say goodbye to my grandpa and see his town. Next time I want to have more time and go visit Karma at their ranch. It sounds so neat. I am so glad I got to spend this time with my Grandma and Done'e, we had a lot of fun for a sad, fast trip. I missed my boys so much but was glad they got their father/son time..Nothing better then coming home to my baby and even though he had a blast he missed me too :)

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